Studio.J is about design alchemy.

As the bridge between design, the brand and the business of it, we blend multiple design disciplines, strategies and technology to bring you experiential design at its very best.

We design spaces that provide an experience, a mind-set and a feeling. As a sought-after design partner, we excel at original, inspiring solutions that accurately communicate the values of a brand to the consumer.


Our logo, the blue jay reflects our identity.
It is a call to creative intelligence. A call to craft ideas that spread far and wide.
A call to being highly adaptable while staying true to our maverick and trendsetting ways.
The bird embodies the qualities of energy and enthusiasm that Studio.J embodies. The blue jay is a bird known for being fearless, resourceful and discovering new paths to explore. A quick learner endowed with sharp intelligence, it is also known for its patience and fortitude. The crest of the bird is a powerful reminder of our mastery in every project that we undertake.