How to boost sales by influencing customers with Visual Merchandising?

Online retail in India is a growing venture according to the economic times it is estimated that the online retail market will growing by a whopping 12% by 2026 though we have been exposed to many pleasures of the online retail markets it is said that would be another decade or more for Indian brick and motor stores to be redundant. Though there has been a drastic shift many Indian customers still believe in making their purchases from traditional stores.

Competition is no longer in the physical sphere, hence it is crucial that we attract customers with a promise of an experience. One way is through attractive visual merchandising inside and in windows. Using the design thinking-  VM is an integrated way to approach to achieve the sales and marketing objectives while opening good communications about the product and services with the customers.

Here are a couple of things we can do to enhance the VM window

Selective storytelling

Every brand has a story to tell, something they want to convey to their patrons or potential new customers. The story could be of the particular product showcased, the inspiration or an offer or even the brand evolution in general.  A well designed window display is not only a point of allure rather it’s a reflection. It becomes a reflection of the brand ideals and the brands business values.

Storytelling has diversified from just doing a model shoot to a more thematic shoot where the product is the star of the story. Using a theme also enables brands to separate themselves from their competitions.

Appropriate use of colours lighting, detailing and apt executions always are guaranteed showstoppers.

New Applications of everyday material

Familiar day to day items can be used to enhance the story telling experience. These material can not only be recycled and also used to highlight the products that are displayed. This is a sustainable and a creative way of catching attention of passer-by’s and showcasing dynamics displays.

Integrated digital interfaces

An observation can be made that the use of mannequins is being replaced by the use of digital panels. With the rise in online retail and digital savviness integrating interactive digital interfaces and creating interaction points is a good way creating interaction point.

Digital screen can not only be integrated to provide consumers interactive and dynamic visuals or motion graphic rather they make changing content and diversifying the way promotions could be done.

This also provides a platform for Omni channel sales. Introduction of VR and AR can not only redefine the experience of product promotion but also can positively influence consumer walk ins and ultimately the marketing and sales objective

Being empathetic and relevant

Creating a strategy that not only balances the desires, the cultural & social behavioural trends with the design tends that reflect empathy but also empowers customers. This provides with great insights to design better and forge an emotional bond with them.

There are more nuances on how to design better V M. Keeping up with the trends and staying relevant is a priority to us at Studio J, we work towards providing result oriented visual merchandising services in Bangalore. We are always up for a coffee to discuss the next big trend in design. Do ping us!