So what’s home?

Home is where the heart is, and there is no denying, it is one of the most personal spaces which is a representation of our most intimate ideas, thoughts and personality. Like most aspects of our lives, our home and the type of artefacts it houses are based on our interests, social media trends and other aspects like our Psychographics, Demographics, purchasing power and ambition.

While on the hunt for the new trends that make a house a home, as residential architects in Bangalore, these are a few things that we found interesting.

Sustainability it is.

In the Asia pacific, India has been leading the change for environmentally friendly buildings and these trends have been seamlessly integrated into the interior trends across the country.

Being environmentally sensitive there are many products in the market that are aiding us to adapt to the same.

Telsa’s Solar roofing options.

These ingenious glass tiles turn sunlight into the energy needed to power a house. They come in four different styles to integrate seamlessly with your roof. Whether textured to look like asphalt, Tuscan to mimic clay tile, slate, or smooth, Tesla solar roof tiles are predicted to be cheaper than the glass solar panels available on the market today, these roofing options are definably a thing to look forward to.

Environmentally friendly LEDs

Lighting is an integral part of any space and also consumes a lot of energy.

Many brands like Philips, Syska and other home grown brands are promoting their energy efficient ranges as they have become an ideal choice for the pockets for and the minds.

Environmentally friendly construction material

ACC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) is one such material that can replace the traditional mud brick they are a better option as they are light weight, stronger, resilient, energy efficient, fire resistant and water resistant, provide both thermal acoustic insulation at comparatively lower costs.

Do check out the products by Maxlite and their ACC blocks.

Recycled wood and cork, and stone are all in hot demand, for flooring, wall panelling and other decorative elements.

Also a new trend is to refurbish old wooden doors and windows and incorporate them into modern and contemporary spaces.

Smaller home with larger /flexible rooms

A trend that is gaining momentum is having smaller home and bigger rooms with ambiguous, purposes. The spaces are designed to provide multiple functions and it’s this diversity that make the space personal. When applied to multiple levels it gives an enlarging effect.

Traditional four walls are replaced by implied space with the apt use of multifunctional furniture, that helps in this dynamism. These space transition seamlessly.

Flexible and versatile furniture is the key to transitional spaces. The right furniture in the space not only makes the space interesting but also makes them look larger. There are many brands are doing great work in making diverse furniture, products from Urban ladder defiantly tops our list.

Smaller home and nicer finishes

With the trend of owning smaller space, we still try to make the space bold and personal.

The trends are to experiment with various textures of metal, stone, cement etc.

From rusted iron finishes for walls to cement lanterns to rose gold handles to metal table tops, there is so much to explore.

Chairs & Company in Indiranagar did catch our eye with the array of products with interesting combination of finishes.

And for interesting wall finishes like the evergreen concrete, ferrous, granite and other customisable textures do explore the Asian paints IDC collection.

For those who are less bold, a subtler option to try is one finish for the attached fixtures in a room, such as the lighting or hardware, and then mixing in a contrasting finish for accent pieces like a bench or table lamp.

When a space becomes personal there is so much to explore and do, and it doesn’t mean ones has to burn a hole in their pockets to stay in trend.

Do share what you think is the next big thing in personal interiors design is, we are always up for a cup of coffee, so do hit us up!