Project Info – Himalaya

In a volatile growing retail market the brand expectation was to build a premium space for its consumers. A space that will allow the customer to browse, interact and spend more time in the retail space, thereby understanding the ayurvedic and natural way of well-being. The aim was to upscale the brand in the best way that will build the imagery of the brand in the customers’ minds.

The store draws attention right from the entrance door where the green wall gives it a unique flavour. The use of brand colours and sleek finishes combined with the greenery play a major role in creating a visually appealing atmosphere. The idea was born through the concept of creating life within the store so as to celebrate the source of the products. Eye-catching graphics in the form of a timeline wall have been incorporated to reflect the story of the brand and its journey. Lighting plays a key factor to make the space warmer, thereby bringing the focus to the products and circulation inside the store. The space allows its consumers to understand the large product line and to also submerge in a great retail experience.