Project Info – Tesor

The store, Tesor is a standalone experiential flagship store at HSR Layout, Bengaluru to offer curated solutions for luxury lifestyle in an eclectic and aspirational environment. The brand’s vision was to create a premium space for art lovers to indulge in, a unique destination to meet all their home décor needs, with each artefacts being unique in terms of craftsmanship and legacy.

The space was envisioned as a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern taste, and highly inspired by the name of the store, “Tesor” meaning treasure in Italian. Indeed, the products on display are all deeply rooted in Indian culture, and each an artefact to treasure.

Retail design is always a challenge for the designer, as it’s not only about making the space look good, but making it practical as well, especially when it is a store like Tesor, which deals with home décor products. Keeping this mandate in mind, the store design used a synthesis of glass and metal structures to render the feeling of expanse of space, as the products on display itself were overwhelming in size and colour.

An area of 5500 sq. ft. spread over three levels, with each floor specializing in a particular range of products. The store layout is planned to facilitate a consultative engagement, with plush sofas strategically placed around. The flooring, walls and ceiling are retained in a white and grey combination. This helps accentuate the fixtures, which are the iconic elements in the store. Moving away from traditional styles, these are designed in refreshing shades of yellow, teal and pink which add a vibrancy in the space. Colourful metal fixtures, vertical and overhanging horizontal grills turns the space into a very different ambience, one that anyone would love to spend their evening enjoying. The delightful attention to details in the fixtures, exquisite display of product stories and visual merchandising, helps reassure the customer of the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality in this very differentiated environment.

The remarkably cheerful design of the cash counter, with colourful pink hanging lights is a vision to behold, with exquisite products displayed around it.

Focussed, angled LED spotlights gives the store an elegant and intimate feeling, with designer lights adding the pop of colours wherever necessary.

The store façade is planned in a clean combination of cement sheets and glass, with branding done with metal elements and back-lit signage. The store window is a unique engaging sight on the commercially busy street, with every passer by admiring this new addition to the streetscape.

The project is an ode to people who share the love for the rich culture and traditional art of India, enthusiastic to weave together historical stories and legends.